The Edible Book Festival HINTS

The Los Angeles Book Arts Center has offered tips for making an edible book. Among their great suggestion joined by some of ours:

START by thinking of a specific book or specific character, scene or theme. Once you have chosen one of the above move onto the following questions:
*Are you focusing on the cover?
*Will the book be flat, open, or be a 3-D open spread?
*Will your character or theme turn into a mobile or be a sculptural element?
*What ingredients will best express your idea and also be capable of sitting unrefrigerated for several hours?

*What foods are romantic, mysterious, silly, scary?
*What foods are the shapes and colors you're interested in using?
*Which foods reflect the ideas best?
*Think of everything in a new way. Mustard and marshmallow crˆ®me can be used as "glue". Crushed Oreo's make great dirt. Fruit rolls and won tons make great pages. Google past teas around the world and see the incredible range of foods and ideas.
*Plan ahead, the books always take longer than we imagine and it's really nice to have your entry done and arrive relaxed. Some assemblies need special tools or molds, or need time to become more workable. Homemade fondant, for example, works best the next day.
*Make sure your creation fits in your refrigerator or at least have a space out of the sun. Plan what you need to transfer it safely to the museum.
*Let your imagination bloom. One of most memorable entries was a poem written on growing lettuce, and then harvested for a salad poem. Another great entry used words actually written in different colored teas and displayed in tea cups. Any other ideas or suggestion? Send them to us and we'll post them to share. Have fun, it's "literally" enjoying a good book.