The Edible Book Festival (Eat Your Words)

The original tea was cooked up by Judith A.Hoffberg in 1999 as a Thanksgiving Day joke among a group of artists, and has become an international event in over sixteen countries worldwide. Judith was the publisher of Umbrella magazine and Umbrella editions. It was planned around Aprils fools in honor of the birthday of French gastronome Jean-Anthelme Brillat-Savarin (1755-1826), who wrote " The Physiology of Taste", a treatise on the art and science of food.April fools is also the perfect day to eat your words and play with them.

The idea is simple, if wacky: Each year, around April Fools' Day, artists construct "books" out of edible materials, put them on display, then at tea-time, they consume their creations, often joined by the public. This event unites bibliophiles, book artists, and food lovers in a feast for the eyes and palate.

The Book Arts League has participated in the Edible Tea since 2002, and this will be the sixth year we are bringing this quirky venue to the Rocky Mountain area. Each year the tea grows in both entries and visitors. Many of our entries are included on the international site ( and in publications around the states.

The concept of "eat your words" resonates with everyone, and children and adults alike enjoy and make entries for this event. We encourage professional chefs and bakeries to enter in their own category.

This is a fundraiser for the Book Arts League, a nonprofit community arts organization, and allows us to continue to offer free and low-cost classes, workshops, art exhibits, and other events to the public. BAL is dedicated to the arts of letterpress printing, bookbinding, calligraphy, papermaking, typography and book design.